2nd line kit complete: Crye Precision JPC

Crye Precision Jumpable Plate Carrier (supplied by Dom to avoid the 2 month wait, thanks brother) with AR500 Level 3 coated plates with Tyr Tactical soft armor backers Level 3A. Shoulder pads are HSGI shoulder pads.

Front panel

  • 3 AR magazines inside the JPC kangaroo pouch.
  • Specter Gear PRI-MAC angled magazine carrier
  • Blue Force Gear Tourniquet Now! tourniquet holder with a Combat Applications Tourniquet 
Right hand side
  • Tyr Tactical admin pouch
Back panel
  • 5.11 Tactical Drag Handle 11” in Tac OD
  • Mayflower R&C Back Assault Panel with Source Hydration Carrier 70oz/2L bladder
Left hand side
  • HSGI bleeder pouch with medical shears

I have had this plate carrier for about two months now and overly impressed by it. The shoulder straps lack padding and I highly recommend anyone using this plate carrier to get shoulder pads. the carrier sits high and as seen in the pictures, I am still able to reach my pistol holstered onto my hip. The carrier is very low profile and still maintains as so even with additional features added to it. 

I will be doing an overview each of the add on features and accessories in the future, for now, just a list of what I am currently running. plus i need to add a cover for my hydration tube lol.

Damn Vic, making me jelly. Miss you bro